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  • Self Sanitizing Door Knob


    For years people have complained of the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light on their skin, furniture and other possessions. However, recent innovations seek to harness the power of the sun not only for providing clean energy but also for all types of cleaning protocols as well. The type of UV light used for sterilization is commonly called UV germicidal irradiation, and it was first known to be used in France in 1910 for water purification. UV germicidal irradiation is now typically used to purify food, air and water. However, the technology is now being used in innovative ways to disinfect other objects, and the latest one to benefit from this technique is the germ prone door knob. Here is an overview of the invention, an explanation of the underlying science that makes it effective and potential challenges of its use.

    Self Sanitizing Door Knob Design

    Inventor Choi Bomi designed a sleek, bar like door handle equipped with a UV germicidal irradiation light. The door handle that sits in the horizontal position has the special UV light shed upon it continuously until the handle is depressed. A depression of the handle turns off the radiation emitting light, and people contact a disinfected door handle each time the handle is used. The light integrated into the self sanitizing door knob system doubles as a sort of night-light that can guide people to the door like a lighted exit sign in a dark movie theater.

    Why It Is So Effective At Disabling Harmful Pathogens

    UV germicidal irradiation only uses the sun’s rays as a model for the technology’s design. In reality, the natural germicidal irradiation produced by the sun is blocked for the most part by the earth’s atmosphere; if it were not, the earth’s ecosystems with their beneficial microbes would die. Products that use UV light for sterilization separate UV into short-range wavelengths that disrupt the DNA of pathogens as well as good micro-organisms. This disruption hinders their reproduction and renders them harmless to humans.

    Potential Risks of Using UV Germicidal Irradiation

    According to a National Institute of Health research publication, there are instances of occupational risks that are associated with prolonged exposure to unshielded UV germicidal irradiation lamps. Although people using the self sanitizing door handle have limited contact with the actual UV germicidal irradiation light, the UV lamp in the door handle design appears unshielded which will probably spark further safety studies before the product makes it to hardware store shelves.


    The self sanitizing door knob is undeniably a smart way to use UV germicidal irradiation when occupational safety risks are identified and mitigated, and it has inspired other applications of the technology to inorganic objects. For example, UV germicidal irradiation has been applied to the sterilization of the computer keyboard and mouse recently. As the costs to produce UV germicidal irradiation lower, the public will probably see more of these self disinfecting inventions sold in the market place.


    Safety Tips for Women



    Protecting yourself as a woman is essential regardless of where you live, and can ultimately mean the difference between coming in contact with potential danger and enjoying an evening out. Understanding how to stay safe whether you are out shopping, with friends or out for a night out on the town is a way for you to ensure you are aware and secure at all times.


    Stay Self-Aware

    Maintaining your self-awareness at all times is necessary to stay safe and protected from potential threats and harmful individuals. Knowing where you are and staying alert within your surroundings will keep anyone interested in harming others from considering you as a potential target. Most perpetrators who are interested in committing crimes seek out victims that do not appear self-aware or prepared to take on in an attacker in any situation.


    Protect Yourself

    It’s also highly recommended to invest in pepper spray or mace wherever possible and legal. Carrying pepper spray on your key chain is one of the quickest ways to ward off an attacker, even before they attempt to assault you. Keeping your key chain attached to your hip while you are walking or within your hands is also highly recommended to have access to your pepper spray or the protection of choice that you are carrying at all times.

    It is also possible to apply for a CPL, or a concealed pistols license if you are over the age of 21 without a violent criminal background. Carrying a registered and licensed gun is another way to help with increasing the level of safety you feel regardless of your surroundings.


    Communicate With Others While You’re Out

    Any time you are planning to go out, be sure to communicate with family, friends and loved ones to let at least one other individual know of your location. Whenever you are going out alone at night, letting others know is a way to keep you protected in case you are presented with danger.


    Consider Self-Defense Training Classes

    Consider enrolling in local self-defense classes near you to help with better preparing you both mentally and physically for potential threats and harm in a variety of situations. Self-defense training courses are ideal if you also want to boost your confidence.

    Knowing how to protect yourself in any situation or environment can help you to feel more comfortable and confident regardless of your location and whether you are with others or if you are alone. Implementing every day self-awareness and the ability to stay alert at all times can help you to deter potential threats.


    Burglary Prevention Tips for Businesses in NYC

    business security
    When you run a business in New York City, you know that you can never be too careful. New York is a city that never sleeps and letting your guard down for even a moment can result in some serious damage being done. With burglary rates being as high as they are, how can you ensure that you protect yourself and your business?

    Light It Up

    Whether your business is on a desolated strip or you are in the middle of a fair amount of foot traffic, lighting up your property is always a good idea. You should consider lighting up the entryways and the windows, but that is just the start. Remember that you should also light up the interior, so that people passing by can see into the building itself. This is something that makes burglars think twice.

    Hedging Your Bets

    Remember that when it comes to protecting your property, hedges are more than just decoration. A thick, thorny and prickly hedge is something that impedes a burglar’s progress, and at the end of the day, they can make a property less desirable. Choose wide hedges over tall narrow ones, and plant them under windows and other points of possible entry.

    Safety Glass

    When it comes to simply preventing entry, remember that safety glass is key. This particular type of glazing makes glass very difficult to break. Unlike regular glass which can be shattered in an instant, giving a quick burglar access to a surprising amount of property, safety glass is much tougher. Most burglars won’t want to mess with it after a few blows.

    Lock It Up

    Locks are a basic form of security, but you would be surprised how often people ignore them. Every exterior door should have a deadbolt lock in it and all of your window locks should be placed so that they cannot be accessed even if the window is broken. Also, remember that dock doors and receiving doors should be secured with a high quality padlock.

    Human Error

    Remember that even a great system can be broken because of a failure to use it. Whenever you bring on a new employee, remember to give them a written policy on locking up and security. Make sure that every employee knows how to use the system, and write up people who forget. Doing this can help you maintain a secure perimeter for your business.

    If you are someone who is invested in keeping your business safe, take a moment to consider how to prevent burglars. A little bit of preparation goes a long way in NYC!


    Burglary in NYC: NYC Thieves Steal $700,000 in Cartier Watches

    cartier 5th ave


    The flagship location in Midtown was recently robbed in daylight in January. Thieves staged a heist that took place in broad daylight at Cartier’s Fifth Avenue location. The group entered the premises through the side doors after casing the place and used hammers to gain entry to the displays. The group managed to snag dozens of watches in the process. The thieves entered through the side door of the 52nd Street location at 12:30 PM on a Wednesday afternoon.

    The store wasn’t crowded at the time. There were only half a dozen patrons and 12 employees present at the time. Individuals reportedly saw several small, unassuming men peering through the display cases. Those present started hearing glass cases shatter but thought that an accident outside of the location had occurred. Before security guards were able to react, the thieves had already made off with the merchandise.
    A total of 16 watches valued at a combined total of $700,000 were stolen. Thieves took as many from the location as they could and only watch left behind. Surveillance cameras identified five men on camera fleeing from the store.

    Security professionals and authorities continue to investigate the footage in search of additional clues. All thieves managed to successfully elude security guards. Investigators verified that two of the individuals were masked and that three of the men were using hammers. Gloves were present throughout the entire process.

    To date, two of the thieves were arrested in connection with incident. One of the parties arrested were involved in a similar smash and grab incident in a Midtown shop and served eight years in jail for the crime. The other suspect served 10 years in prison for murder. Roberto Grant, 33, was a repeat offended with over 20 arrests on his record. Grant had been involved in an incident in March 2004 at an Audemars Piguet on East 57th Street where one ring and 10 watches were stolen. Grant has a $75,000 Cartier watch and was sported the same attire he wore during the raid. Allen Williams, 35, and Grant were nabbed the following day at 11:30 PM. Williams confessed to the crime and was caught with a $42,000 timepiece when apprehended. Williams also stated he was was the getaway driver.

    Before hitting up this location, these robbers were thrown out of a nearby jewelry store but were removed by security. Bystanders report seeing the individuals casing the location shortly before the incident had occurred. Authorities believe that because all of the resources were tied up and focusing on overseeing SuperBowl festivities. Police believe that this event was linked to six other similar incidents.


    Tips to Prevent a Break In to Your NYC Apartment

    Tips to Prevent a Break In to Your NYC Apartment
    Any time you are living in New York City, whether short or long-term, preventing a break-in to your apartment and keeping your personal belongings and items safe at all times is essential to have peace of mind any time you are not at home. Implementing a few tips to help with preventing a break in to your apartment in NYC is a way for you to rid stress when you are not in the home regardless of where you are currently renting.

    Research Apartment Locations Before Signing a Lease

    Before signing a lease to a new apartment in NYC, be sure to research locations you are interested in as well as the local crime rate and types of crimes that are most likely to be committed in areas you are interested in renting in.

    Inspect All Entrances to Your Apartment Building

    Get familiar with your place of residence by inspecting and identifying all entrances to your apartment building that you plan to reside in. Knowing where entrances are is a way for you to add protection as necessary. Inquiring about security guards and cameras in the building is also recommended to determine the level of protection you already have in place.

    Install Additional Locks and Security Measures in Your Unit

    Installing additional door and window locks is highly recommended, including deadbolts and additional bars for windows in your apartment, especially if you are located closer to the ground or on the ground floor of a building yourself. Installing additional locks is a way to quickly add an additional layer of security to any place of living. You can also install motion detectors and your own security system if you want more protection from potential burglars and thieves when you are not in the home occupying it yourself.

    Get to Know Your Neighbors

    Get you know your neighborhoods in any type of apartment building or complex you live in within NYC. Getting to know your neighbors is a way to have additional friends looking out for you when you are at work or not at home.

    Keep Shades and Blinds Drawn When You’re Not Home

    Any time you are out of your apartment in NYC, keep your blinds and curtains drawn to keep onlookers from noting your absence.

    Understanding how to keep your apartment safe in NYC is a way for you to not only gain peace of mind when you are at work out of your apartment itself, but it also ensures you have taken as many steps necessary to implement additional safety and security into your premises.


    3 Ways to Get Back Into Your Locked Car

     locked out of car

    There’s no feeling like the one you get when hopelessly standing outside your locked car. It seems to happen when the asphalt is sodden and you have paper bagged groceries, or you’re about to drive a date home and the keys are snug in the ignition or sleeping gently on the seat. That’s the way life goes sometimes. But, who doesn’t wish that in those instances they could perform some voodoo on the door to get it to unlock? Well, we have a few DIY tips to try if the materials are at hand and you don’t want to hire a locksmith to come to your rescue. If not, call a trusted locksmith. It may save you time and effort. Otherwise, check out what we’ve compiled bellow.


    Blood Pressure?

    Keeping a blood pressure cuff around may come in handy at getting you back into your car. If you’ve locked your keys in the car and the window has a small crack, try to inch down the window with your fingers and insert the cuff. Pump the cuff so that it inflates and gently creates enough space for you to insert an unraveled clothes hanger through the window to extract the keys or push the unlock button. This may of course require some deft clothes hanger maneuvering, but we believe in you.



    If you find yourself stranded in the land of no clothes hangers, you can try this odd one out. Untie one of your shoes and remove the lace. With the lace create a slipknot in the center. At the corner of the door insert the lace and pull it down along the side of the door until the lace enters the interior of the car. Once the lace enters the interior of the car, put the slipknot over the lock knob and pull to tighten and then lift. This tactic works primarily on older automobiles, but is pretty useful if you have some time and a few attempts in you.


    Slim Jim

    Slim Jim. Our first thought is the Randy Savage beef jerky saying “ohhhhhh yeeeeah!” but unfortunately that’s not where we are going with this blog. Slim Jims are slender flexible pieces of metal that locksmiths usually own and operate with. A Slim Jim can be slipped down through windows and at the end of the apparatus there is usually a hook which enables the user to pop the lock from inside the car. It doesn’t hurt to read up on how Slim Jims are used because they can easily cause damage to a car if you’re not careful.


    If you’re not going to do it yourself, locksmiths that you call should provide the following services:

    • Car Lockout

    • High Security Keys

    • Ignition keys

    • Car Lock Replacement

    • Car Key Replacement

    • Transponder Key Replacement

    • Removal of Broken Car Keys

    • Auto Door Lock Unlocking

    • 24/7 Locksmith Support (Emergency 24/7 lock services)

    To ensure that you get the best locksmith do your research ahead of time. Don’t get locked out and have to rely on a crook with a base price that turns into a launch pad. If you’re popping your own lock, good luck and hopefully you’ll get into your car soon if the next time arrives.


    What is an Exit Device?

    exit device

    What is an exit device? An exit device often appears like a belt that goes across the door. Likely you’ve seen them and used them without knowing their name. They’re typically installed in busy areas or places to create an efficient exit in the case of an emergency. They can be found in hospitals, office buildings, academic settings and even the New York City subway. Exit devices are very common, but most people know very little about how important they are at serving for safe and practical purposes.



    The main purpose of an exit device is to provide a safe and efficient exit from a building. To do this, the user places their hand(s) on the push bar and by doing so releases the door from its locked position. Often times the exit device is connected to an alarm system. The alarm system is in place to save time alerting those in the vicinity that a dangerous or sometimes unlawful predicament is occurring. Most exit devices also are equipped with fire and smoke utilities. This allows them to release harmful fumes or increasing temperatures in some way according to their design.


    Common Places for Exit Doors

    • stairwell doors

    • cross corridor doors

    • exit and entry doors

    • exit only doors


    Exit Device Guidelines

    The exit device you install needs to meet ADA and ANSI 117.1 standards as well as fire and life safety codes, NFPA 8 and NFPA 101. As well as building codes IBC, BOCA and SBC. These codes protect you under law and ensure the functionality of your door in place. If you don’t have these codes, in the event of an emergency you’re looking down the barrel of a big lawsuit. (Remember doors must be clear of barriers at all times.)


    Is An Exit Door For You?

    Exit doors are used frequently in high occupancy places. In conditions that require an alarm for exit – like perimeters in buildings for example- where items can be looted, exit doors can be necessary. Lastly, and we can’t stress this enough, exit doors must uncomplicated exits. That is both in function and in placement.

    Exit Device Types

    • Crossbar exit devices

    • Paddle exit devices

    • Full-length touchpad type exit devices

    • Plumb flush panels

    • Partial length touch pad exit device

    • Electronic control exit device

    Aesthetics and Applications

    The look of a door isn’t going to be as important as its functionality. Especially since often times these doors are in places where they are seen infrequently. However, if they are in high-frequency places, there are many different door appearances to choose from. Be cautious that some of the before mentioned exit device types cost more than others. Like these three: flush panel, electronic control and touch pad device types. To install these doors, consult a professional. Other specs needed to conduct an installation are simple. This requires use of rim devices, surface vertical rods, latch points, possibly concealed vertical rods and mortise locks. But for non-professionals this can seem and be quite difficult. Especially if customization is involved.


    When trying to understand which exit device is best for you, review the following information and make a knowledgeable decision that suits both your particular building and your personnel’s safety. Good luck and have a wonderful day.


    Locksmith Scam Prevention

    most trusted nyc locksmith

    This past summer, ABC News ran a program about untrustworthy locksmiths. Particularly the locksmiths who operate their business without credentials or Better Business Bureau recognition. To put it mildly, the video was disturbing. In one part, the program caught up with Russian- Israeli Meni Agababayev (Meni Aga), who may be the filthiest living scumbag on earth. If you clicked on the link, you’ve seen that he’s also an “actor”, funding his projects on his criminal activities. His profoundly immoral conduct of business got him nationally recognized. At the brunt of his depraved corporal swing he focused on unknowledgeable people who call for a locksmiths.


    You can watch the video: here


    Here are tips on avoiding scam bums like Meni Agababayev:


    Find a Locksmith

    In emergency situations it’s easy to panic. When panicking you can Google or Bing hastily and stumble big time. Web smart service based criminals know this. They are completely aware that in your area you’re going to search for a local locksmith in a time of immediate need. This will make you act upon a lack of research. Even if you live in a town of 60,000 people, criminal profits can be astounding because of this. Even if they can just get a fraction of that population to make a mistake you’d be amazed at what they walk away with.


    To prevent getting ripped off by a scam artist do some research. Find accredited and certified locksmiths before an emergency happens. Then put the locksmith’s number in your phone. If at least you look into locksmiths in the area around you, and recall one of them, you’ll be able to use one who won’t take you for all you’re worth.


    Discuss payment BEFORE they arrive

    When you do find a locksmith make certain you understand the pricing involved in the operation. Do not be afraid to ask questions. They should reasonably be able to answer your questions and not make you, the customer, feel stupid for asking them. Crooks attempt to use your lack of trade knowledge against you. Be sure that you know how much opening a vehicle, or door usually runs in your area. Be firm on your knowledge of pricing when the time comes.


    Takeaway: Be certain to ask about firm pricing. Many immoral locksmith services will set a base price, and then climb steeply from that number. Be sure to ask what the pricing scale is. If they give you ambiguous answers, this is a sign to move on. Do not stick with them.


    How to spot a crook

    There are plenty of signs and signifiers when it comes to detecting an abominable locksmith. The biggest signifier is their vehicle. They may deploy themselves with a beautiful bag of tools, but if they have no clear standing with a company, it might be best to say no thank you. Try to find a locksmith that doesn’t arrive in a private vehicle. Usually it shows they have nothing to hide. Besides, they should be promoting their company any way they can. Private contractors are an iffy bid as well. Unless you have incredible and trusted recommendations, stay clear.


    Takeaway: Locksmiths should be highly trained, professional and exceedingly good at explaining what they do, while they do it. At all times they need to provide superb customer service. That being said, their job should be done expertly. It should be an investment of both your time and theirs.


    We salute ABC News for tackling this super villain. Hopefully, reposting and spreading the word, you won’t be taken by this kind of malicious greaser. Moreover you won’t fund anymore of his intellectually numb films.


    The Locks of Love on the Brooklyn Bridge

    locks of love brooklyn drige

    How Romantic Can a Lock Be?

    That’s the question we have for Locksport -a group of recreational lock defeating experts. It’s common knowledge that the Brooklyn Bridge has harnessed its share of memories over the years. The bridge happens to be one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. It was designed by a German immigrant by the name of John Augustus Roebling and it is extremely useful to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The bridge crosses the East River and connects Manhattan and Brooklyn Boroughs. Over the years it has survived Al-Qaeda plots, bungee jumps and long wet smooches. In October of last year it faced another issue, love locks.


    What are love locks?

    Love locks, symbolize… love. Sometimes you see them hanging on overpass guards, but in this case they’re on the Brooklyn Bridge. And, there are lots of them. If you’re not familiar, here is a concise description: They are simple combination or key locks. Most often they have an intimate inscription on them which represents two persons joined in love, presumably forever. Or, as long as the lock may last.


    Whats the big deal?

    The big deal is this: The Department of Transportation is snipping them all off because of a structural threat of rust and patina. The bigger deal is that all of these people who have publicly sanctioned their love to an object in the form of a lock are being ousted. It seems like a bad omen for the city. But, it’s happening anyways. That’s where Locksport came in. (But we have a quick question for anyone who may want to answer: Would it be cheaper to hire Locksport or the Department of Motor Vehicles to initiate this task? Ok, that’s our bad joke of the day.)



    Locksport has an eruptive cult following. The growing number of lock picking enthusiast has unquestionably skyrocketed. Many came to the rescue of as many love locks as possible. Pickers were able to save 18 pounds of them in hopes of relocating them to a more significant and longer lasting structure. The only issue at hand was that in New York State it’s illegal to pick a lock that isn’t yours, regardless of the potential love that it may be saving. But, as far as we know, this was not enforced in any way.



    Although we see the sentimental meaning in saving love in the form of locks there are some obvious points of concern. The first being that Locksport teaches lots of people how to bump and pick locks. Like martial arts, one can only hope that they use their skill to benefit society and not for nefarious and selfish behaviors. Otherwise, we think Locksport should pick away. Save love, keep the knowledge and love of locks in good hands and proceed, proceed, proceed to pick.



    15 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

    1. Fake Video Camera

    Some people don’t want CCTV camera systems, but would like others to think that they have that advanced security. Whether you can or cannot pay for the service, or just don’t want the actual security system, installing FAKE CAMERAS can deter burglars. Just make certain that they appear real enough to get the job done. Don’t wire your TalkBoy to the wall with an old computer camera tapped to it.


    2. Pull the Flyers

    Flyers, coupon books, and the yellow pages, when not cleaned away, are a surefire way to show you’re not home often. Clean up. Trash the trash.


    3. Keep the yard clean

    Keeping the yard clean is an effective way to deter burglars. If they see that you’re not clipping the hedges and mowing the lawn, chances are you’re on holiday. Make sure you have someone keep the yard clean regularly, and especially if you’re going to be away for an extended amount of time.


    4. Electronics

    Try not to leave your new computer, tablet, or plasma television boxes outside and in plain view. The best way to show a burglar that you have valuable items is to advertise them. Next time you get an electronic item, break down the box and fold the cardboard inside out. While protecting your belongings you’ll also be helping out with recycling.


    5. Put the Ladder Away

    Often times that second story window only seems scalable by Spiderman. But, if you leave that ladder out any banjo picker can climb on through the hatch and start to pilfer.


    6. Social Media

    Internet hacking has been around for a while. For all you people that take those big fancy vacations, don’t post that you’re in Asia having an exceedingly swell three week vacation. Unless you wanted a home cleansing experience also: Don’t post this stuff to the worldwide web-especially if your account isn’t private.


    7. Snow Tracks

    If there was a time to not cover your tracks this is it. Burglars can easily see if someone has been in and out of a home by the amount of footfall or tire marks set in the snow. Ask your neighbors to make a few tracks while you’re away. Even snow angles deter the evil.


    8. Loading Dock

    Suitcases mean your going somewhere for an extended amount of time. If you load your baggage slowly into your vehicle, this gives time to someone who may be passing by to observe if you’re leaving town for a while. Load quickly.


    9. Hold the mail

    If you’re mail box gets full, or packages are sitting on your doorstep it indicates you’re not home. Have the post office put a hold on your mail until you return.


    10. Upgrade or Quick Fix Windows

    Upgrading your windows isn’t entirely that expensive, but if you can’t do it, place a dowel or a broom handle on the window or sliding glass door so that if the door or window is pried it will not open.


    11. Speakeasy

    Hiding your belongings may be a useful tactic. If you have decent hiding places in your home use them to put your valuables away. Most burglaries occur within 8 minutes. The more difficult your valuables are to find, the less likely they are to be stolen.


    12. Light Sensors

    Light sensors or motion sensors which activate lighting can be significant deterrents to home invaders. They are cheap and easy to install. Plus, new technologies can send real-time updates to mobile devices to ensure you’re up-to-date with what’s going on at home.


    13. Alarm Viewing

    Keep security systems out of sight from windows and doors. If for some reason you’ve forgotten to turn the alarm on, you won’t alert a burglar that they should enter unconcerned.


    14. Security Decals

    Security decals, although maybe not representative of an actual system, can sometimes be effective. Security companies like to show that their product is being used by community advertising efforts. Buy some false advertising. It may actually benefit you this time.


    15. Reinforce Your Locks and Doors

    Reinforcing your locks and doors is not that expensive. Plus, lock-rekeying is an effective way to promote your safety without having to replace an entire locking system.

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